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Engaged Sweeper II
Collect and display BTRFS Volumes and Subvolumes (like partitions are displayed currently), under Config > Volumes for Linux machines. This would require btrfs-tools to be installed (for Debian systems) and sudo rights to use /sbin/btrfs.

BTRFS as a filesystem is considered "stable" and has been stable for a long while. The RAID part is still in development so it would at least be nice to get Lansweeper to collect filesystem info.

Quick examples ($_ is a "BTRFS root" or main volume):
"whereis btrfs" - get the location of the btrfs util
"sudo btrfs fi show" - get btrfs volumes, uuid's, devid's, space used
"sudo btrfs fi df $_" - get df-like stats on btrfs volume $_
"sudo btrfs sub list $_" get subvolumes on $_
"sudo btrfs sub list -s $_" get only snapshots of subvolumes on $_

Note: Btrfs volumes have two UUID's, one for the volume and one for each dev involved. It would be nice to also use
this data to display devices joined by a btrfs raid.

Feel free to add on or make corrections!