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Engaged Sweeper
I am running the most current 4.0 release of Lansweeper. I have everything all setup and working but I would like to require authentication on the web console. I installed this on a Windows Server 2008 server with the built-in webserver. My understanding from other forum posts is that authentication is not possible with the built-in webserver.

If that is the case, is there any easy way to maintain my configuration and migrate to IIS from the built-in webserver. Also, I am running the built in 2008 SQL Express database in case that makes any difference.

In a worse case senario, I can just blow away the whole install and redo it but I am trying to avoid that if possible.
Engaged Sweeper
Thank You! That worked like a charm. I installed the IIS role on my Windows Server 2008 server with Windows Authentication selected first. Then I re-ran the setup (New Installation) with only the Web Service option checked. After the conversion to the IIS webserver I was able to follow the instructions to enable authentication for the Web Console.
Lansweeper Alumni
Do a new installation, select only the website (leave the other boxes unchecked)
Select IIS to install the new website, this will preserve all changes.

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