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Engaged Sweeper III
Would anyone know bits of coding for modifying a custom field (ie custom9 or something) to be a checkbox, and how it would work (true/false or whatever)? I have a bit of experience modifying the web pages, but am not sure of the checkbox syntax since there's none I can base myself on already and carry over for modification.

We are using Lansweeper 3.5.x, but the coding should still be the same for a checkbox...

Engaged Sweeper III
I was somewhat expecting a reply like that... Thanks for replying, I will try to figure out code on my own to simulate it.

The reason we are staying with version 3.5.x is because we customized Lansweeper to our needs and upgrading would erase those changes. I have tried uploading while keeping the changes but it is too much work having to remake the changes. The additional features are not absolutely necessary for us (such as SNMP scanning, which we don't need).

You can send this thread to the closed questions as you have answered it.
Lansweeper Alumni
We cannot provide support for the checkbox feature. We do recommend however that you update your Lansweeper installation, since we are currently on version 4.2. Our latest installer can be found here. Instructions on upgrading can be found on page 103 of our online documentation.

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