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Engaged Sweeper III
Basically would like to do more then track what machine an User is associated to.

Ability to Add a number of custom fields that could be added on the user configuration page.

Field Name/Type (textbox/checkbox)/value - Date of last change

Example Usage:

User has Access to Application ABC - 3/16/2015 8:00AM
User was issues a Phone Serial [123456ABC]
User is administrator of the following systems: [Facebook, Twitter, Exchange]

I'm sure you can think up a better implementation, I was just thinking of an easy way to allow us to include more data in one place in the future. This may also help with the helpdesk module your working on as well.

Keep up the good work.
Engaged Sweeper III
Are there any updates on this wish list item? I'm currently looking at CMDB solutions to track cell phones, company credit cards and a few other items for users. Would love to just incorporate this right into Lansweeper since the user data is already there and our team is well trained on Lansweeper!
Lansweeper Alumni
Added to the wish list, but no release date unfortunately.