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Engaged Sweeper
Instead of subdomains we are using only one domain with many OUs within. In each OU each computer has a unique prefix. To make it simple let's say: OU1 -> AAA005ABC, OU2 -> BBB010DEF where "AAA" and "BBB" are common prefix for OU1 oand OU2 accordingly. Is there an option to setup and use some sort of OU- or computer name-based custom filtering for report results?

Can the Custom Fields help me solve the problem? If not (because these fields seems not to be editable) can you advice me about some sort of solution?

Basically I want to be able to choose one of predefined filters ("all" / "AAA" / "BBB" / ...) and dynamically apply it on each search or report over Web-UI. It will be perfect if I could make the currently needed filter active from Web-UI directly (drop-down menu or checkboxes/radio buttons).

If currently there is no solution at all, please take this idea into Wishlist.

Hello everyone,
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Thank you for understanding.