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Engaged Sweeper
I really like the SQL Server Information tab. Easy way to find where a database is located. I am having an issue with one of the hosts though. It seems Lansweeper is unable to report databases from 1 out of 3 SQL Instances. It has instance information but it does not list any databases for it even though there is about a dozen. I only have the one server with multiple instances all other SQL Servers report their information correctly.

Forums linked me to the following post: which I followed successfully. Re-scanning the computer did not change anything. Scan history does not contain anything useful for this it seems.

I can test the WMI query myself, using PowerShell, which is successful and returns the expected data. This test is done from the server that is hosting Lansweeper.

gwmi -ComputerName server -Class Win32_PerfRawData_[SQLInstanceName]Databases | select name

Why is Lansweeper not showing databases for 1 instance? Where can I get more troubleshooting information to track the problem?

Version: v. 6048
OS: Windows Server 2008R2