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Engaged Sweeper
Hi there,

it's my first post and my English level is quit low. I hope you ca understand me!


I'd like to be able to run a file ".bat" that start on the client the installation of the administrative image of Solidworks 2019. To me it is enough that the .bat file is executed, nothing more. So I created a 2 step package

- Condition: Check if the operating system is Win 10
- Script: Run the ".bat" file in the SERVER path Lansweeper script

This command is in the ".bat" file

echo off
start \\SERVER\it_sw\Solidworks_19_SP2_Immagine_Amm2\startswinstall.exe /now

Probably the syntax is wrong; unfortunately I'm not good with scripts and DOS.

So I wanted to ask you for help on how to solve this

Honored Sweeper
Does the batch file do anything else apart from calling the install?

I would use something like this. Note this is not testing by myself but just using the command line you specified but using it in an installer package instead of calling a batch file. The issue with batch files is they don't normally report exit codes so we don't exactly know why it failed etc.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Name>DEV.APP.Solidworks 2019</Name>
<Name>Check if Windows 10</Name>
<Value>Win 10</Value>
<Name>Install Solidworks</Name>
<MSIParameters>/i /qn /norestart</MSIParameters>
<Command>"\\SERVER\it_sw\Solidworks_19_SP2_Immagine_Amm2\startswinstall.exe" /now </Command>
<Conditions />