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Engaged Sweeper II

I found a deployment report and was able to partially modify it to my needs but not quite there yet. I'm not good in SQL.

I deploy a package and need to redeploy on assets where it failed for some reason.
When running deployment for the second time new line gets created for the same asset and I would like to filter the old line out to have current result.
Idea is to end up with smaller and smaller report each time a successful deployment occurs.

Can you help me? Thanks.

Select Top 1000000 pl.Added As [Log Date],
p.PackageName As Package,
pl.Executor As Executor,
pl.Errorcode As [Return],
pl.LastStepID As [Last Step],
Case When pl.RunMode = 1 Then 'System Account'
When pl.RunMode = 2 Then 'Scanning Credentials'
When pl.RunMode = 3 Then 'Currently Logged On' End As [Run Mode],
Case When pl.Success = 1 Then 'black' Else 'red' End As foregroundcolor,
Case When pl.Success = 1 Then 'tick.png' Else 'minus.png' End As icon,
pl.Errormessage As Message,
pl.Version As [Deployer Version]
From tsysPackageLogs pl
Left Outer Join tblAssets a On pl.AssetID = a.AssetID
Join tsysPackages p On pl.PackageID = p.PackageID
Where p.PackageName = 'Some_package' And
pl.Errormessage Not Like '%Stop(Success)%' And pl.ServerName =
Order By [Log Date] Desc