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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
With Lansweeper 7.0, it is now possible to start scanning your own custom OIDs!

For people new to OIDs and OID scanning, I recommend you take a look at our documentation on how to scan Custom OIDs

Finding custom OIDs

Since finding the right OID to scan is the hardest part, we've listed some useful resources below to get you started with finding the right OIDs for your devices.
Some websites for looking up specific OIDs:
Sharing custom OIDs

Since finding the right OID can take up valuable time, we specifically created this category so people can exchange useful OIDs for their assets. By sharing the OIDs you'll help out your fellow IT professionals and in return you might pick up some new OIDs you can use yourself.

In Lansweeper 7.1 you can export your custom OID files as seen in the screenshots below. Once exported, you can attach the file to your post so others can download and import it. I've added the default custom OIDs to this post as an example.

export OID

export oids