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Engaged Sweeper
Good afternoon,

We are struggling a bit with a report on all Helpdesk tickets.
On each ticket we have a mandatory level 1 and 2 category filled in and an optional level 3 category (see screenhot). These are nested so that when level 1 is selected only some options for level 2 come up and the same goes for level 3.

Now we would like to have a report including these columns:
Ticket ID, Subject,date created, date closed, Level1 category, Level2 category, Level3 category (if available else show a blank).

The problem we face is that we either get too many rows back or too few.
We attempted to use /customize the report in this post but this report needs to include each and every fieldID we use in the where clause and is therefor not maintenance friendly. We have +/- 100 of them in total and additions are made sometimes.

I did find a 'htblcustomfieldvaluelinks.parentfieldID' but am a bit unsure if this can be used.

Has anyone else had similar challenges and found a solution?

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