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Engaged Sweeper
I've been tasked with cleaning up our Lansweeper Helpdesk setup - one of the pieces I want to address first is the root cause list so we can get better reporting out of the system. I want to expand the options that were never added, cleanup some items that should be removed, and potentially retool the category structure altogether.

We're in the 4200s in our ticket count, and I don't want to lose reference to those tickets. However, if I want to consolidate root causes, is there a way to preserve the existing tickets' root cause under the new structure or bulk edit them to match?

Example - if I want to change "Configuration - Internet Explorer" to "Software - IE11 - Configuration", can I find and change all tickets with the existing root cause so we can search on the new root cause?

If I can't do that, is it possible to rename "Configuration" to "-Configuration" so it goes to the top/bottom of the list and all the active root cause categories appear below it?