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Engaged Sweeper
Small question - if an asset's Hostname were to change and the former name was removed from Active Directory, would Lansweeper throw up errors anywhere for detecting a duplicate MAC address for assets in its database?
Lansweeper Alumni
No, as Lansweeper doesn't use MAC addresses as Windows computer IDs. A Windows computer's NetBIOS domain name/NetBIOS computer name combination is used as its ID.

Note that Lansweeper cannot detect computer name or domain name changes. Currently, the correct way to rename a computer or move it to a different domain is to first rename/move it in Lansweeper and then rename/move the machine itself. You can rename/move a computer by browsing to its Lansweeper webpage and then hitting the Edit Asset button, under Asset Options.

When the machine is rescanned, its existing database entry will then simply be updated. If you don’t rename/move the machine in Lansweeper first, a new database entry will be generated for it.