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Engaged Sweeper II
I've just purchased and installed LanSweeper but I got one question.
We have about 10 computers that are in the Domin but doesn't appear in LanSweeper. I figured thias has to do with that thoose computers haven't been logged in too the Domain Controller for quite some time.

I read the following in the manuel:
"Active scanning works like a “set it and forget it” option, it will query your domain controllers to find out recently connected workstations and servers."

So my question is, how far back is recently connected? One week, One month or what? And is it possible to change that value so even computers that doesn't logon very often appears in LanSweeper?

// G Wollsén
Lansweeper Alumni
When the service first starts it looks back 14 days on all domain controllers, then it polls every 15 minutes.