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Engaged Sweeper
Loaded IIS 7.5 with the default options prior to loading Lansweeper.

Lansweeper went ahead and loaded the default UtilDEV webserver anyway.

How do I get the install process to use IIS 7.5?

Are there specific 7.5 installation options that need to be selected other than the defaults.
Lansweeper Alumni
If you wish to use IIS instead of the default UltiDev web server, you must choose an Advanced Install and select one of the Advanced website options. When selecting the Recommended option, the default UltiDev web server is installed.

If you still wish to use IIS, please do the following:
- Run the Lansweeper installer again.
- Choose New Installation\Advanced Install.
- Select only the website for re-installation.
- Select one of the Advanced options.