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Engaged Sweeper
Lansweeper is a nice tool, it can scan both Windows and Linux devices, however, when I'm trying to use it in Linux environment (200+ linux servers) it is not very convenient 😞
Lansweeper thinks that only Windows servers are actually servers 🙂

Most of the builtin reports use only information about windows servers (Memory *, Server *).
I've prepared my own report to get the information about all assets (for windows + linux servers with information about CPU/memory/total partitions size,description and information from custom fields) which I'm interested in (would be nice to have such report out of the box).

1. do you plan extend list of builtin reports related Linux servers?
2. Is it possible to use word-wrap in the reports? I have quite long descriptions and they displayed as one-liners in the reports, would be nice to display them as multi-line rows .
3. Do you have a plan to allow editing of descriptions and custom fields directly from the Asset page without going into "Edit asset" dialog?
4. How to get all IP addresses for a linux server in a report? According to documentation tblNetwork contains only information about windows computers.