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Engaged Sweeper
I've been battling and issue and have narrowed it down to what I Believe is the Lansweeper Server service. What I'm experiencing is when the service is running on startup, the RPC service becomes corrupt and you can no longer remote into the server. I will console into the server and find that I can not run services.msc or Server manager. Any actions taken on the server bring back errors, (either server is busy, or application not found). Only option after this is to cold boot the server, go into safe mood and disable the lansweeperserver service. Once you reboot from this the server functions normally. I can then re-enable the service and Lansweeper works fine, until you reboot...repeat above....

Any clues? It seemed to start after forefront was in stalled, but I have since then removed forefront and still experiencing the issue.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at and provide us with info on the operating system this server is running.

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