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Engaged Sweeper
Every day at 11:00 Lansweeper slows to a crawl. It takes our DB server down to a crawl as well. I have verified all of the scan times, they happen at the default time of midnight. We know it is Lansweeper because if we stop the LS service on the LS server, after about 2 or 3 minutes the DB responsiveness returns to normal. If we stop LS service prior to 11:00 and then restart it after 11:00 it doesn't seem to happen.

The DB is about 270 MB, running SQL Server 2005 on Server 2003 R2 on VMWARE with 4 GB RAM. The Lansweeper service is running on server 2003 R2 under VMWare with 1 GB RAM.

Any troubleshooting ideas?
Lansweeper Alumni
You can try using the sql profiler to search for long running queries.

You shouldn't have any performance issues with this small database.