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Engaged Sweeper III
I am thinking i can use sqlcmd to get the job done... I'm new to SQL but it would seem as tho this might work. My end goal would be to implement info that is grabbed by running port mapper custom action directly in to the comments page. Under custom field.. The only work around I have found was to run a ping scan then run a batch script to output cdp info to txt file and use excel to reference needed cells to compile an extensive sqlscript that is copied in the the database script section... I'm looking to make that process in to one custom action any ideas... And yes I know always backup the database I would like to here the communities thoughts on this. Thanks

How I'm thinking it might work
1 create a batch file the collects the port map data and places it in a variable. To use later
2 use sqlcmd to create a statement that will connect and append the batch variables in to the SQL script or statement.
3. Implement this in to a custom action so that it not only does port mapping but also inputs it in to the comments section.

Sound possible?