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Engaged Sweeper

I would like to create an email alert/reminder when my servers' hard drives reach below 20% free and another alert at 8% free. I can create a report and set the email alert but this will send me a report every night. I just want a few email reminders (maybe one every 4 days), not every night.

How can I do this? Is this possible?

Lansweeper Alumni
One thing we did to help with the disk space report was to adjust our scanning queues to be ahead of the time the report sent out. so we could get a little better accuracy when the report was sent. as our report is sent to multiple people so if someone fixes the disk space issue the report should be clean before sent. long as the system in question gets scanned.

so far so good though.
Lansweeper Alumni
This is not currently possible unfortunately. You can only define a schedule globally for all of your reports, not individually for specific reports.
Lansweeper Alumni
You don't need to have the report mailed every day. You can uncheck certain days:
- In the Scanning Servers/(name of your server)/Options section of the 4.2 configuration console.
- In the Configuration/Reports & Alerts/Email Alerts section of the 5.0 web console.
There are some reports that I need nightly. Is there a place where I can set the frequency for each report?