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We often have PCs in our environment that are not frequently online but need to be worked on when they do come online. I'm looking for a way to receive an email alert to let us know when a desired PC(s) is online. We could create a dynamic group that will allow us to add/remove any PC we need to monitor at any given time and be notified via email when the PC(s) in that dynamic group come online. Once we're done working on the PC(s), we will remove it from the dynamic group. Can this scenario be configured in Lansweeper? We have an on-premises Lansweeper environment with a cloud site link. 

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You can set up LS performance monitoring for these assets. 

Then create report for fresh performance data. 

Select Top 1000000 tblassets.AssetID,
From tblassets
  Inner Join tblPerformanceCountersScan On tblassets.AssetID =
Where tblPerformanceCountersScan.ScanDateTime > GetDate() - '00:30:00'

Then create e-mail send for this report or put on the dashboard.

Performance monitoring has short interval (15 min) so you can get info qiuckly. 


Thank you, @Mister_Nobody I haven't utilized the LS Performance feature, I’ll do some reading on it and give it a try. Would you recommend this article to start with?

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Instead of using a dynamic group in Lansweeper, you could make a security group in Active Directory, add the computers you want to catch inside of the group and then make a report of computers by making a copy of  the 'Windows: Domain computers and their AD groups' report and filter on that AD group... and make the criteria where the asset is seen within the last X minutes' and have the report emailed to your team...  then remove the computer when done... 

Engaged Sweeper II

Thank you for your reply @Jacob_H . Next week I will try both yours and @David_GF  ‘s suggestions and report back on which one best works for our environment. 

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi @tfarmer 

Lansweeper does not have real-time monitoring capabilities. One possibility is to run frequent scans on a scanning target that only has the assets you want to monitor and set up email alerts based on the results of those scans. However, you should be aware that this will increase the scan server load, which can impact your other scans.

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Engaged Sweeper II

Understood, thank you for your reply @David_GF . Next week I will try both yours and @Jacob_H ‘s suggestions and report back on which one best works for our environment.