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Champion Sweeper
Just seeking further info/clarification on max threads per this post -->

I saw in another thread that full computer scan can take 4mb but ip device scan is quite small so curious as to why the recommended max threads for ip scanning is lower than windows max threads.
Champion Sweeper
Thanks. Have doubled default values to 24/16. Have had to install a hotfix on 2008 R2 due to failure of RPC service but seems to be operating ok.

We have turned off the ip range scanning for all but 9am Sat - it then scans a 64k block of addresses. On all the other days we have setup a scheduled task to run every 3 hours that queues the results of a report that lists existing non-windows devices.

We've then created a customized ip location widget that has uses the ok/nok.png icons to show if the asset group (any device) has been seen within the last 3 hours.
Lansweeper Alumni
IP Range Scanning scans Windows computers as well and various other protocols. Max threads have to do with performance and the max number of connections SQL Server can handle. For Lansweeper 5.0, your Computer Threads should be 50 at most and your IP Threads 20 at most.