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Champion Sweeper
OK, so Teams is a great tool, at least it has the makings of one, for us.

BUT... At the moment it is more or less an install on demand application. Users can, in theory, install it themselves.. But only if they have enhanced permissions... No MSI available, just the Teams_windows and Teams_windowsx64 applications which can be downloaded and installed by users...

So there is a (fairly undocumented switch) --silent which, in theory installs it silently into the users workspace....

BUT if I use that switch via Lansweeper it comes up with a dialog on the user's machine asking for permission to continue (having run as 'currently logged on' user) so not exactly silent!

Also if the user doesn't have the correct permissions to install it then it won't work at all, or ask for admin permissions to continue, again hardly silent.

You can't install as system, or an admin user, because of the way it installs into the users 'space'...

Anybody got any ideas?