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Engaged Sweeper
With the monitor info that is captured from EDID, is it possible to include the manufacture week in the database? Manufacture date currently only shows Month/Year.

The reason it would be useful is that some manufacturer serial numbers (eg: Philips) stored in EDID omit part of the serial number as printed on the bar code on the back of the monitor. These missing numbers can be used to calculate the rest of the serial number.

eg: Philips 109B monitor has the serial number BZ 000551 253265 printed on the back of the monitor.
EDID reports serial number as BZ 253265
The missing serial number section "000551" is derived from the the manufacture week and year which is in EDID. In this case, week 51 in 2005. (the two or three leading zero's are generic).

So when trying to do an audit and cross reference the data that is extracted from Lansweeper, the monitor info could potentially be exported to Excel, where it could be concatenated to form the correct serial number.

Lansweeper Alumni
I have to look into this.
We have chosen MMYYYY because it's most used.
Engaged Sweeper
Yes, a custom field could be used for storing the full serial number, and I will most likely do this.

But, to obtain the serial number without physically looking at each monitor would only be possible if the manufacture WEEK and YEAR were collected from the EDID.

From what I have read, EDID only contains the week and year. If Lansweeper is displaying the month and year, is the month a calculated value based on the week value collected? Can't it just be audited as it exists exactly in the EDID?
Lansweeper Alumni
Maybe you can try one of the custom fields for this.

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