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Champion Sweeper

It seems like it is possible to install MSSQL without database support. I reinstalled a fifth time and noticed that even though I choose to "install all SQL features" I still had to check some more boxes for the database engine to be installed.

I was going to make a new install to try the new version. To avoid the 4GB limit (that we currently have run into problems with our current Lansweeper installation) I installed MSSQL2012 and then launched Lansweeper setup. The installation does not detect the SQL server.
I also tried MSSQL2010 with the same result. What should I do to make Lansweeper detect the SQL?

Since our old database got this big I do not want to use the SQL Compact.

Or should I try to upgrade our current install? I have upgraded the MSSQL from 2008 Express to 2008 standard but the 4GB limit still seem to be there. (atleast the database is exactly 3.99GB and does not increase in size, at the same time the Lansweeper web is extremly slow)
Do you have a guide on how to upgrade? I have close to no knowsledge of MSSQL.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please note that, in the latest Lansweeper installer, you must manually type the name of the SQL instance you want to add the Lansweeper database to. You will not be presented with a list.