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Engaged Sweeper
I have a partial issue - I'm trying to use the Allowed software feature so I can build an unauthorized software report. When going through the bulk items first, I'm trying to add some Windows 2000' hotfixes.

I am able to add them in the sense they move to the right-hand pane under approved, but unlike other applications, they don't remove from "Software found on your network".

I've attached a screenshot where hopefully you can see some of the entries exist on both sides
Engaged Sweeper
Wow, so simple. Refreshing the list seems to clear it up lol. Sorry for not trying that but thanks for the response 🙂 Just kind of odd that only happens with some and not all, but I'll take it either way! Thanks!
Lansweeper Alumni
when you add them again do you get a "duplicate" error?
When you refresh the grid on the left, are the items still there?