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Engaged Sweeper
Just a minor suggestion but some of the reports that you are able to sort by RAM or CPU Speed - dont sort the way you would expect them to sort.

Example: This is the All Comptuers report you see when you click on a Domain from the Dashboard.
Ive sorted this particular view by CPU Speed and have grabbed a small section to demonstrate. You can see that a 267Mhz computer is sorted in with 2.6Ghz and 2.7Ghz machines. I would expect the 267Mhz machines to be at the top or bottom rather than mixed. I create a lot of reports and understand why/how this happens - so its a small suggestion. The same happens with the RAM when sorted that way - the 256MB machines are mixed with the 2GB machines rather than listed by numerical value. You can see that small example by looking at the 267Mhz machines - the 255MB 267Mhz machine is listed ahead of the 63MB 267Mhz machine.

1 * 2661 Mhz  502 MB  6/24/2008
1 * 2666 Mhz  501 MB  6/24/2008
1 * 267 Mhz  255 MB  6/19/2008
1 * 267 Mhz  63 MB  6/19/2008
1 * 2792 Mhz  246 MB  6/24/2008
1 * 2792 Mhz  246 MB  6/24/2008
1 * 2792 Mhz  502 MB  6/24/2008
1 * 2793 Mhz  509 MB  6/20/2008

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