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Engaged Sweeper
What is the bandwidth approximately LS occupy while trying to scan systems across the wide are network?.
Does scanning affect the performance of other applications like SAP, Mail etc.,?.
What type of information are being transferred to server from clients?.
Lansweeper Alumni
One full first time Windows computer scan takes about 4MB with Active Scanning, Workgroup Scanning, IP Range Scanning and Scheduled Scanning. Later Windows scans take less data.
One full scan with LsPush takes only 40KB of traffic. LsPush was introduced in Lansweeper version 4.2.
Scanning non-Windows devices takes almost no bandwidth.

By default, Lansweeper takes all the bandwidth it can get for scanning. Options for reducing bandwidth are:
- Limit the number of computer and IP threads for the scanning server. This can be done through the configuration console, under Scanning Servers\Your Server\Options\Service Options. Reboot your server after applying your changes.
- Use LsPush for scanning. You can implement LsPush in a logon script. One full LsPush scan only takes 40KB of data.
- Use the Lansweeper Enterprise license, which allows for multiple scanning servers. You can then share the scanning load between servers.
- Use QOS on your WAN connections to throttle the bandwidth used by the Lansweeper server. This is recommended not just for Lansweeper, but other applications as well.

For an overview of scanned data, please have a look at our online demo. There is also an overview of scanned items in the Lansweeper configuration console under Scanning Options\Item Wait Time.