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Engaged Sweeper

I want to prepare a LSpush-one-click solution for offline Computers. So I prepared a flash drive with lspush and the /Folder-Parameter (e.g. H:\lspush.exe /Folder "H:\"). For my Computer it works fine, however it is not possible to use it on another computer cause of the changed drive letter. Is there a simple solution?
Engaged Sweeper
Wow, thanks for your fast reply!
Lansweeper Alumni
If you are trying to scan from a USB drive and store the scan results on the drive, you could set up your drive as shown in the screenshot attached to this post. The RunMe.cmd contains the following command: Lspush.exe /folder "./files"

When the USB drive is plugged into a Windows computer and the RunMe.cmd is executed, the machine will be scanned and the scan results placed in the “files” folder on your USB drive. Scan results can be imported into your Lansweeper database by placing the scan files in Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\import on your Lansweeper server.