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Engaged Sweeper

first at all, I'm a premium user, but I don't know how to get in the premium user forum (I don't have another user/pass besides it, which was created before I became a premium user).

Now, I'm using Lansweeper 4, and every time I try to use these custom actions I get the "file not found" error:

Trigger scan (P)
Take screenshot (P)
Remote control (P)
Uninstall software (P)

I have shared the folder Actions in my server, and as "action path" I'm using "\\myserver\Actions\".
I also have been trying with the action path "C:\Archivos de programa\lansweeper\Actions", but it also doesn't works.

And every time I try to run these actions:

Computer uptime
Remote processes
Show open files
Who's logged on

I got this error:

""pslist.exe" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo,
programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable."

So, how could I fix all these problems?

thank you very much.
Engaged Sweeper
Ok, thank you: now these options are working.

Lansweeper Alumni
Change the action code and add "{actionpath}"

For example:
{actionpath}screengrab.exe {computer}

Engaged Sweeper
Here it is...

But please, tell me how can I write post in premium forums, too.

Thank you.
Lansweeper Alumni
argie01 wrote:

But please, tell me how can I write post in premium forums, too.
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you post a screenshot of your action config screen please.
Engaged Sweeper
I got them, and I put them inside the folder "Actions", before to do all the changes I told you above.
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you have to get them:

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