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Engaged Sweeper
In addition to my post in the general wishlist topic ( click! ) i've decided to post this topic, because the need for my current customer has changed.

As a part of some ISO certification my current customer needs some privacy-specific features. They are using Lansweeper for several tasks, one being License Compilance auditing. As a part of a revised usage agreement concerning the use of business laptops for personal use, the company has decided the following:

The company is responsible for software that is or was centrally installed. Like Office and Antivirus.
The users are allowed to install software themselves, but, are personally responsible for licenses. So unofficially users are allowed to install "illegal" software, completely at their own risk.

What we need now is a way to change the view of installed software on a certain workstation/laptop. Currently, we see all the software that is installed. What we need is a way to only see the software that is installed on a workstation, AND is on the "approved software" list.

Also, we need to keep the view of all the software that is installed company wide, primarily so we can pick out the approved/free software, but it should not be possible to see on which workstation the software is installed.

Would this be something that needs to be a new feature, or is there a smart way to implement this?


fyi - customer is a Premium customer, but as i'm an external consultant, my account isn't upgraded.