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Champion Sweeper
My company has a number of remote users and Lansweeper has been pretty good about scanning them when they are on our VPN long enough. I know we can enforce a GPO for the respective OU's to run LSPush on them when the user logs in but how long does it try to send the data back to the scan server before it times out? Right now the scan server is behind our firewalls so the remote clients can't communicate with it until they connect to our VPN.
Lansweeper Alumni
When using LsPush with direct server connection, the executable will try to establish a connection with the server prior to the scan taking place.

If no connection can be established, no scan occurs.
If a connection can be established, a scan takes place and LsPush tries to send the results. If the connection is then lost, LsPush will continue to try and send the file. (The timeout here is very long.)