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Champion Sweeper
In the scanning methods config page there is a button to queue a scan of *all* enabled ranges.

Is there a way to specify a single IP range to queue for scanning? We have a large number of IP ranges defined (with a number disabled) and it is a bit complicated to untick all but the required one (and then remember which ones should stay disabled etc).

We've presently used the rescan.aspx to queue report output of existing assets (rescan all printers on 4 hour schedule for example). Can rescan.aspx take appropriate parameters to scan an IP range? V4 of lansweeper allowed for using rescan.aspx to request a single IP for scanning but that does not appear to work in V5.

Many thanks
Lansweeper Alumni
Recommended approach if you are trying to detect assets that haven't been detected yet:
1. Disable all IP ranges. (There is a button for this under IP Address Range Scanning.)
2. Re-enable just the range you need.
3. Hit the Scan All Enabled IP Ranges Now button.
4. When the scan has completed, re-enable all ranges using the button from step 1.
Engaged Sweeper
How about Assets - Domains (or IP Locations) and then choose "Rescan assets"?


J. Berner