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Engaged Sweeper III
Not for sure if i am doing something wrong or if just isnt part of the program yet.

But when i remove software from a computer and rescan the computer the software still shows up in the scanned software field..even though it is no longer on teh PC.

I am using the freeware version

Is the program not setup to remove software if it is not found anymore?
Engaged Sweeper III
It is the Freeware...i will go change my wait time scan then...

Thank you
Lansweeper Alumni
Are you using the freeware version or the trial version? When Lansweeper is first installed, a 20-day trial is initiated. Afterwards, the software reverts to freeware.

When Lansweeper rescans a computer's software, software information is updated and you'll see any software changes reflected in the scan results.

The freeware version of Lansweeper only supports scanning with LsClient. The LsClient scanning method respects item wait times. So depending on what the "SOFTWARE" wait time is in the configuration console under Scanning Options\Item Wait Time, it may take several days for software information to get updated.
Premium versions of Lansweeper contain "Full Rescan" options, which allow you to rescan all computer information at once.