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Engaged Sweeper
I deployed LanSweeper last week to do an inventory of our internal network with machines running Win7 x64.

The automated scan picked up around 15 of our 60 odd Pc's. I've been running the connection tester and the general issue is that TCP port 135 is closed (EPMAP) it also complains about the RPC server being unavailable.

I created a GPO to open up port 135 as well as checked that the Windows Management Instrumentation WMI-In is Enabled and Allowed for the Profile called Domain.

I have verified that the GPO is indeed being applied.

However Port 135 remains closed and the asset cannot be scanned.

This must be a very common issue.

Any ideas what I'm missing here?

The other crazy thing is that some of the machines which don't scan also don't have their firewalls on at all.



I've just tried this as well, still no joy.