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Engaged Sweeper

I am having trouble creating a report that shows all services running on a specific Windows machine. While relating tblAssets with tblServices, I get zero results because the specific asset cannot be found in tblServices. Currently there are roughly 1800 assets, but only a handful are displayed when I want to display entries from all columns in tblServices:

Select Top 1000000 tblServices.*,
tblServices.AssetID As AssetID1
From tblServices

I was able to create a temporary solution, relating tblAssets with tblServicesUni, so just the name of the service is displayed for any asset I want. This solution doesn't show me if the service is running/not running, etc.

Table tblServices should show all services from all assets, but it is limited to 1702 results.

Please provide help. Thank you!

H. O.