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Engaged Sweeper

I'm running a report that shows me all computer software installed on a group of computers in an IP range. We've had some issues with uTorrents being put on the computers (an unauthorized application) One of these is a server which no one but IT staff in a completely different country have access too.

I've looked in the registry on the server for "Torrent" which came up with ZERO results, also did a search for *torrent* on the C:\, G:\ and F:\ drives, which also came up with ZERO results.

My question is: Where is Lansweeper seeing this application installed, and is there a function in Lansweeper that would show where that specific application is being located?

Is there a place on this server I am not looking, that I should be?

Server info
Lansweeper (running on a win2012srvr)
Windows Server 2003 is where the uTorrent is showing up on.

thanks for any help 🙂

Lansweeper Alumni
Where are you looking at software information? The Software tab of a computer's Lansweeper webpage mimics the information found under Add/Remove Programs (Programs & Features) on the client machine. Note that scanned data will only be accurate if your machines have recently and successfully been rescanned. The "last seen" dates listed in the Summary tabs of your computer webpages must be recent.