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Engaged Sweeper
Since most of the computer information is being pulled from the WMI it would be helpful to us if lansweeper could pull SSD / HDD model and firmware revision numbers. Now that we have lots of SSDs in production machines we are finding that we need to stay on top of firmware updates. One of our team did make a separate VB script to pull the info from the WMI but it would be convenient if we could have that info in lansweeper to make quick reports.
Lansweeper Alumni
We have added your request for the Win32_DiskDrive.FirmwareRevision field to our wish list. In the meantime, you could add a FirmwareRevision field to tblFloppy in the Lansweeper database and modify your script to update these field values. An example on how to update an SQL database field through a script can be found here:

Please note however that we cannot provide support for these kinds of modifications, as they fall outside standard Lansweeper functionality. Such changes may be overwritten and/or cause problems during upgrades.
Engaged Sweeper
The script is just a simple vbscript that pulls WMI Data and stores it in a database. The WMI Class and Field you mentioned (Win32_DiskDrive.FirmwareRevision) is where I'm pulling the data. I have found the field comes back blank on Windows XP Installations, but all of our machines are Windows 7 now, so it's not really an issue for our setup. If it is possible to query that field and include it in one of your harddrive tables, we can take it from there with the LanSweeper reporting tools.
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you post the script, so we can see which specific fields you are interested in.

Some of the information you are after is already stored in tblFloppy within the Lansweeper database. This data is pulled from the Win32_DiskDrive WMI class. It does have a FirmwareRevision field, but this is not currently scanned by Lansweeper. (It is unsupported in quite a few operating systems.)

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