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Engaged Sweeper II
I have two administrative employees at my company who part time answering the phones to cover for IT Staff. It would be amazing if they could unlock accounts and reset passwords using lansweeper.

I am new to this product (installed by the previous director) and need to know how to assign rights to staff in order to use it.

#1 - How do I assign rights to an employee to unlock/reset accounts?

#2 - How do I assign rights for a new Helpdesk Agent?

Lansweeper Alumni
#1 - These rights have to be granted in active directory itself:
#2 - Could you clarify what kind of further rights you are referring to? By default, everyone in your domain has access to the Lansweeper web console. Access can be restricted as explained here. Users can either see and modify everything or see and modify nothing. Role based access is not currently possible, but will be implemented in Lansweeper 5.0. We expect to have a 5.0 beta release ready by October.