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Engaged Sweeper
We need to move our database from a SQL Server 2000 box to a new server running SQL Server 2005. Are there any additional steps to those listed in the various articles explaining how to move the database?
Lansweeper Alumni
# Stop the Lansweeper service.
# Take a full backup of the lansweeper database using the SQL server management studio.
# Do a restore of the database backup and overwrite the Lansweeperdb database on the new server.
# With SQL server management studio recreate the user "Lansweeperuser" and give it the same password as in your web.config file (default: mysecretpassword0*)
# Make the "lansweeperuser" owner of the database "lansweeperdb"
# Edit web.config and lansweeperservice.exe.config to reflect the changes.
# Restart the Lansweeper service on the new server.