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Engaged Sweeper
Was running

Just ran the upgrade to and received the following error. Not sure what to do. Tried to rerun the install but now the "Upgrade" option is disabled. Can't do a fresh install because I have lots of data.

My service name is "Lansweeper Server"

I also noticed that under HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services I have a key called "Lansweeper Server". Then in CurrentControlSet I also have a key called "ServicesLansweeper32".

Hmmm, strange...

Error: Error: lansweeperservice. Errormessage: The specified service does not exist as an installed service, Servicename: lansweeperservice.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at and provide us with your Install.log file, found in Program Files\Lansweeper.

To fix the issue, please follow the steps below.
- Run the installer again.
- Choose New Installation/Advanced Install.
- Select only the service for re-installation.
No changes will be made to your database.