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Champion Sweeper

We use dynamic groups to detect old software versions in our network.
As you see I have set the group to show all Win7 & Win10 assest, that do have the reader, but not the specific version.
This worked without any issues until now but when I started the deployment yesterday, I noticed that suddenly one of our VMWare-machines started installing the update.
I checked the log and it said the deployment was triggered by the automatic job, which runs only on the output of this dynamic group. I opened the group and found the machine in the list there. But this machine is neither Win7 nor Win10, it's a Windows Server 2008 R2 and this is also correctly shown on the asset page.
We have arround 30 of exactly the same machines with the same installation, so I'm wondering, how can it happen, that only one of these machines shows up in the group. If it was a wrong setting all other servers should also be shown there.
I have now excluded the server by name but I'm still wondering.
Any ideas?