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Engaged Sweeper
We already have VNC clients installed on our network, so I wasn't going to use "lsremote".

Instead I created a custom action, copied vncviewer.exe to the lansweeper server and created a custom action that runs "{actionpath}vncviewer.exe {computer} /password xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

When I click that action from the web interface, the VNC viewer opens up but fails to connect to the remote client.

If I run the command from my PC, it works fine.

Any ideas?
Lansweeper Alumni
We have seen this problem before and we do usually recommend that the customer try another VNC version.
There is a bug in some versions of vncviewer.exe that prevents parameters from being transmitted correctly.
Engaged Sweeper
Seems the problem is limited to the Ultra VNC client. I swapped the .exe to TightVNC and Real VNC and it works fine as a custom action

Goodbye UltraVNC