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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

At the Lansweeper Community we like to recognize our Members by your contribution to building valuable engagement inside our boards.

Our Ranking levels are listed below. For you to level up a ranking, the key actions you need to perform are:

To check which Ranking you are in, go to your Profile page and check the Ranking right below your username. You can also see it right below your username in any of your public posts. 



By default, we will send you an automatic email to inform you of a new ranking you have received. If you wish to change it, learn how to manage your notification settings.

List of ranking levels as of July 2022:

  1. Visitor Sweeper
  2. Scout Sweeper
  3. Scout Sweeper II
  4. Curious Sweeper
  5. Curious Sweeper II
  6. Curious Sweeper III
  7. Engaged Sweeper
  8. Engaged Sweeper II
  9. Engaged Sweeper III
  10. Champion Sweeper
  11. Champion Sweeper II
  12. Champion Sweeper III
  13. Honored Sweeper
  14. Honored Sweeper II
  15. Honored Sweeper III
  16. Legendary Sweeper
  17. Legendary Sweeper II
  18. Legendary Sweeper III
  19. Epic Sweeper
  20. Epic Sweeper II
  21. Epic Sweeper III

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