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Lansweeper Alumni

This package deploys a WSUS update package built with WSUS Offline Update (http://www.wsusoffline.net/). Please find details in the package description field.

For each OS version you would like to deploy updates to, you need to build an own package and download an own repository with WSUS Offline Update.

Engaged Sweeper

you need Version 12.6.1 or later of the Offline Updater...

I cant provide a download link tho.


Engaged Sweeper

The latest Win 10 version 2004 updates are not available in WSUS program (12.03.2020 Version 12.0). the available version in the WSUS program is 1909 that is outdated one.

Anyone has overcome this issue? please share.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Maybe there is a parameter you can add to do that?
Engaged Sweeper II
Esben.D wrote:
Maybe there is a parameter you can add to do that?

Thank you. That was my thought as well.
I ended up adding the "/autoreboot" switch at the end.
It got me further, but when it reboots into the temp user "WOUTempAdmin" it presents a dialog box that requires someone to click OK.



I have done that using VNC, but sometimes it shuts all the way off for an unknown reason. I've tried it on three different machines so far and it's acted differently each time. (All Win7, 1 Dell Latitude laptop, 2 Dell Optiplex towers)

cd "c:\temp\WSUS update\cmd\" && DoUpdate.cmd /verify /updatercerts /updatecpp /updatedx /instmssl /updatetsc /instdotnet4 /autoreboot

Is there a switch that will bypass the dialog box?
Thanks again.
Engaged Sweeper II
This worked great. Thank you.

Is there a switch or .ini setting that will perform the "Automatic reboot and recall"?
Example: https://www.screencast.com/t/XXhXyVY4SDGn

I support several remote locations that require the PC's to be on, updated and ready to go when the users return.
Thanks for your help.