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Engaged Sweeper II

Deployment Package timeout reached but software installed successfully with logs as below.
Result: Package timeout reached. Stopping deployment executable: Successful. Timeout: (900sec).
Lansweeper Remote Deployment app popup and never end until timeout and 0x41301 code in task schedule.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

Regarding the message "package timeout reached", this indicates that your package did not finish within the time you defined as the Max Duration for the deployment package. This can happen because:

  • No Stop(Success) and no Stop(Failure) was defined as the next action in the last step of the package. You can change your deployment steps when you select the package under Deployment\Packages.
  • The execution of the steps took longer than the Max Duration defined for the package. You can increase the Max Duration when you select the package under Deployment\Packages.
  • User interaction was required during the package execution, e.g., the user was required to confirm a dialog or close an application.
  • The computer froze or started rebooting before giving back a result for the last package step.
  • An error in one of the deployment steps causes the deployment to be 'stuck' on this step.

Additionally, and this might be a long shot, some customers found out that the 'Log On As a Batch Job' GPO setting could also be responsible for this error. Ensure that the account used for your deployments has “Log on as a batch job” privileges.