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Engaged Sweeper

I am trying to get a report of my Dell monitors which shows either the Service tag or Express Code.  I cannot find that field in the database, but the Express Code DOES appear for each monitor when I pull one up individually (see attached screenshot).  Please note that this is different than the Serial#, since the serial number is NOT the Service Tag to convert to an Express Service Code in these cases).  Does anyone know which field(s) in which SQL table that the Lansweeper database holds either the Service Tag or Express Code for a Dell Monitor?

Engaged Sweeper

Thanks. I'm familiar with the ST-->ESC  (HEX to DEC) conversion, but am wanting to actually pull the Service Tag from all devices.  Many Dell devices (including most monitors, but not all models) use their Service Tag as their Serial Number, so we have a lot of them, but not all we needed.  For instance, docking stations are an issue.  We can read them from the pull we get from "Dell Command Monitor," but not in LanSweeper.  It would be best to have everything in one location.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

The serial number that is given back for the asset is scanned by Lansweeper from the registry of the client machine that the monitor is connected to. The express code is calculated through a special Dell algorithm that is used to convert the Dell serial into the express code. As this is a calculated value, this is not stored in the Lansweeper database. Information on this calculation can be found here: http://creativyst.com/Doc/Articles/HT/Dell/DellNumb.htm

Regarding the Service Tag, this information is currently not scanned, but this was added to our customer wish list.

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