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Mini-server Lansweeper

Engaged Sweeper II

We have a dream…

Today Lansweeper Onprem can only be installed on a Windows system. Our dream is to have an alternative for mini-servers.

Let me explain. My sector of activity makes that I have many sites all over my country (+50) with an average of 10 devices per site. These are sites isolated from the world with slow and unstable internet connections, with no employees, but of vital importance for security.

I would therefore like to put Lansweeper mini-server directly on a Rasberry Pi or equivalent (for cost reasons rather than an expensive, non-stable Windows computer, to be updated regularly… ) and to be able to scan the devices in order to generate security reports, to see non legitimate devices etc…

Do you have an alternative? Is it a project?


Engaged Sweeper II

Wouldn’t using the LSAgent and cloud relay work as well? If you set the scan interval to multiple times per day, the agent will eventually get the data to your instance.

Engaged Sweeper

I couldn’t find a real feature request topic. So I’ll post my question here.
It’s sort of the same question as above, but still different.

We manage a lot of customers with no on premise server, but they have Windows Servers in our private and/or public cloud.
As you know, the customer pays for every extra GB of disk space and RAM.
Will there ever come a light-weight installation without on prem database? Like some kind of probe (a service) that sends the scan results directly to the ADP?

I think I’ve answered my own question, finding this KB:
How to set up a cloud installation using the smart installer | Lansweeper
It is still installing a database on the network. The only difference is, there is no local website any more and the link to ADP is configured in the installer.
Am I correct?