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Engaged Sweeper


We work with 3dr party for IT support.

I’m looking for was way to put the ticket data into e-mail notification when assigning to Agent.

At the moment, Lansweeper send an e-mail notification to inform the Agent that here is a ticket assigned to them but does not say anything about the content.

Is there any way that we can put the ticket content into the e-mail notification so the Agent can have all the registered info in the e-mail without login to Lansweeper first?



Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

To add the note history to the outgoing email templates, there is an option that can be toggled for each individual outgoing email template. We recommend going to Configuration\E-mail Settings, scroll down to the Outgoing E-mail templates section, and making sure the Add note history checkbox is checked for all your templates.