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Engaged Sweeper

A couple days ago, LS V6051 stopped working on Firefox 52 32bit. First I thought I had 64 bit installed so I uninstalled it completely and tried a blank 32 bit installation but same problem: whenever I try to run an action, LS asks for add on installation, but I check on Mozilla add ons and LS add on is installed and enabled. Any suggestions?
Lansweeper Alumni
We're hoping to release the new version publicly this week. Unfortunately the new plugin only works in the new Lansweeper version, the wait shouldn't be much longer though and a different browser can be used in the mean time.
Engaged Sweeper II
Would it be possible to access/use the beta plugin?
Engaged Sweeper
Any ETA when this will be updated to fix this issue?
Engaged Sweeper II
In the meantime for FF users (like myself) their ESR FF version will allow the current lansweeper plugin to work:
Lansweeper Alumni
Just to clarify slightly, we do have a new plugin ready, but it will not work in older Lansweeper versions. It is fully functional in the version that is currently in beta. We don't have an estimated release date for this beta version yet though.
Champion Sweeper
See the below topic for details

Short version- FF v52 no longer supports NPAPI plugins aside from Adobe Flash. Lansweeper is working on an updated plugin, but is currently only available in BETA.

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