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Resolved! Lansweeper 6: Knowledgebase questions

Hi!I was moving some word documents and FAQs to the lansweeper knowledgebase (appreciate this new feature btw!) and got to thinking about where they were stored. I assume the database but wanted to doublecheck if that indeed was the case.Also, I know...

a_seiler by Engaged Sweeper II
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Auditing Hardware Assets

We are trying to unify some of our processes and reduce the number of programs we have to access to do our jobs. One of those tasks is moving our entire IT asset inventory to Lansweeper from WASP. Many of these assets (phones, scanners, etc) are not ...

Integration of a CTI application

Hello, we are using a CTI application and would like to integrate Lansweeper. For an incoming call I would like to make the following functions possible:- Open Lansweeper in the browser and select the employee identified in the CTI application.- Crea...

msuhr by Engaged Sweeper
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'Uplink' on a switch port

Hi,When I look at my switch ports in LanSweeper, I'll have exact same make/model Wireless APs (Aruba IAP 207) that appear differently in LanSweeper. One will appear on the Switch port as the asset, and I can click to go to that asset page. Also I can...

AquaGoat by Engaged Sweeper III
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IP Locations but with with monitor

Hi Folks,I want to have a report with the location ( are they in the office or home)this report i haveBut i want to know what monitor the have attachedi can see something with relations. But how do i get this in the report. This is what i got:Select...

chimera by Engaged Sweeper
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Helpdesk categories visible only for team members

Hello,can I somehow configure, that helpdesk categories are only visible to the members of the agent team the categories are added to?My problem is: We have two agent teams. The categories are defined for that teams separatedly. But in the list of ca...

marco_76 by Engaged Sweeper
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